Furniture Stores

You may not think that a retail establishment would use much of our products. Many of the stores build their own furniture and use quit a bit diesel fuel, gasoline and lubricants.  Here are two examples Green Acres Furniture who builds their quality furniture at the same location as their retail store and Homestead Furniture who’s modern furniture shop, Dutch Design, is across the road. Both stores sell superior once in a life time furniture and are located on State Route 241.

If you have questions about our service, pricing or whatever… they have agreed to tell you about their experiences in dealing with us. Please feel free to give them a call.

Contact Homestead Furniture
(866) 674-4902
8233 State Route 241
Mount Hope, OH 44660

Contact Green Acres Furniture
(800) 807-0975
7412 Massillon,
Navarre Ohio 44662