Performance Proven: The Case for the Original Green Oil®

In 2015, D-A Lubricant Company, Inc. acquired the Brad Penn Finished Lubes division — including the iconic PennGrade 1® High-Performance Oil — from ARG, the former Kendall refinery in Bradford, Pennsylvania. In the months following that acquisition, D-A decided to rename The Original Green Oil® product and redesign the quart bottle for marketing purposes and product visibility. With the product’s new name and appearance, rumors began to circulate that the D-A product had changed.

So D-A decided to put PennGrade 1® to the test to prove, once and for all, what they already knew: PennGrade 1® Partial Synthetic High-Performance Oil SAE 20W-50 — The Original Green Oil® — as well as the entire PennGrade 1® product line is the same product today as it has been for decades.

Find out the results from the most comprehensive wear testing of the PennGrade 1® product ever!